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My Unexpected Adventure: Diving Head First into AI (Part 1), by Jim Rich | This Pride Month, Try To Be the Rainbow in Someone’s Cloud, by Felicia White | Seeing Red: A Path to Mastering Stress and Improving Service, Employee Retention, and Customer Satisfaction, by Elizabeth Lombardo

Evolution of Training, by Audrey Benet | Embracing the Wanderlust: The Value of Job Hoppers in the Hospitality Industry, by Patrick Yearout

Tech-Ready: Preparing Your Hospitality Team for Tomorrow’s Training Tools, by Patrick Yearout | May: Mental Health Month in the Hospitality Industry, by Curt Archambault

Employee Satisfaction: Moving from Good to Great in a Competitive Labor Market, by Alie Gaffan | Step by Step to Success: Implementing Incremental Change in Hospitality OJT, by Patrick Yearout

Hospitality Training Trends Imagine the Future, by Kelly McCutcheon and Damian Hanft | Prism of Possibilities, by Damian Hanft

Prioritizing Fundamental Human Skills: The Heartbeat of Hospitality Success, by Curt Archambault | From Text to Image: Crafting Custom Training Visuals with Dall-E, by Patrick Yearout

Disrupting Training: From Onboarding to Everboarding, by Christina Briggs | Leadership Skills for Frontline Managers, by Felicia White | Rev Up Your Recruiting: Optimizing Your Employee Referral Program in 2024, from Hospitality Training Magazine

AI and L&D: Learn About Inputs, Framework, and Perfect Your Prompts!, by Kate Stiteler | Beyond Imagination: 10 AI Tools Redefining Hospitality Training, by Patrick Yearout

Thriving in Place: Retaining Top Hospitality Talent in Static Environments, by Patrick Yearout | Are You a Futurist? by Damian Hanft | Meet you on "The Porch:" How Slim Chickens Drives Brand Consistency and Community with Their LMS, from Hospitality Training Magazine

Celebrating Black History Month: What is YOUR Legacy? by Felicia White | The Strategic Investment of Franchise Training: Paving the Way for Market Success, by Gabe Hosler | The Bear: A Case Study in Team Transformation, by Curt Archambault | Upping the Ante on Modern Training Styles and Demystifying Game-based Learning, from Hospitality Training Magazine

LinkedIn Best Practices to Build Your Career, by Jessica Shock | A Real Talk on Food Cost Management for Restaurant GMs, by Curt Archambault | Rev Up Your Recruiting: Removing Application Roadblocks, by Patrick Yearout | 10 Big Rocks of Trainers for Q1 of 2024, from Hospitality Training Magazine

[Hospitality Training Magazine Issue 12 | Winter 2024] 10 Big Rocks of Trainers for Q1 | Rev Up Your Recruiting: Optimizing Your Employee Referral Program in 2024, by Patrick Yearout | Meet you on "The Porch:" How Slim Chickens Drives Brand Consistency and Community With Their LMS, by Chris Patterson | Upping the Ante on Modern Training Styles and Demystifying Game-based Learning, by Greg Hull 

Learning is the Only Future-proof Skill, by Damian Hanft | "Give Me One Reason Not to 'Fire' You!" – Flipping the Script in Today's Workforce, by Curt Archambault



Navigating a Difficult Goodbye: Ending a Partnership With a Tech Vendor, by Patrick Yearout | Next-gen L&D Titles That Speak Volumes, by Curt Archambault | Why Employees Leave the Hospitality Industry: Closing the Back Door for Better Retention, from Hospitality Training Magazine

Whose Development is More Important?, by Damian Hanft | Summer Conference vs. Winter Conference: A Tale of Two CHART Events, by Curt Archambault | 10 Must-haves to Cultivate a Positive Workplace Culture, from Hospitality Training Magazine

Bears and Body Language: 5 Key Strategies for Hospitality Trainers to Manage Fear in the Workplace, by Ashley Helkenn | Serving Up Success: The Magic Behind Happy Employees in Restaurants and Hotels, by Curt Archambault | Time Well Spent: Reallocating Your Work Calendar for Strategic Thinking, from Hospitality Training Magazine

Hitting the Ground Running: Benchmarking for 2024, by Damian Hanft | 10 Questions to Consider When Selecting Technology Vendors, by Patrick Yearout | Attracting Top Talent: Overcoming Bias in Hiring in the Hospitality Industry, by Curt Archambault | Strategic Thinking: A Six-step, Six-hat Template for Success in Reaching Goals (It's easier than you think!), from Hospitality Training Magazine

Hospitality Training Magazine Issue 11: Fall 2023

ESL-friendly Learning: Best Practices for Instructional Designers and Classroom/On-the-Job Trainers, by Patrick Yearout | [New Research] Operators Want New Employees Trained and Shift-ready One Week Faster, by John Poulos

What a Chipped Middle C Can Teach Us About Training, by Felicia White | Unlocking Development Through Non-linear Career Pathing, by Damian Hanft

Giving More Than You Get: Reflecting on Your CHART Conference Experience, by Corban Nichols | How HR and Training Can Combine Forces for Organizational Success, by Patrick Yearout | Unconscious Bias in the Hospitality Industry: Impacts and Solutions, by Curt Archambault

From Tragedy to Transformation: My Journey—The 1993 E. Coli Outbreak and the Timeless Food Safety Lessons Learned, by Curt Archambault | The Phrase All Hospitality Trainers Dread (and What to Do When You Hear It), by Patrick Yearout

The Magic of Storytelling: CHART Orlando Breakout Recap, by Sara Delgado | Trainers as Translators: Bringing Company Culture to Life, by Damian Hanft | Break Your Training, from Hospitality Training Magazine

Three Things I Learned About Training from Taylor Swift's Eras Tour, by Kelly McCutcheon | 5 Ways to Resuscitate Your Online Recruitment Results, by Patrick Yearout | Trauma-informed Leadership, from Hospitality Training Magazine

Creating a Culture of Being “IN” Training: CHART Orlando Breakout Recap, by Rebecca O'Brien | Boundaries in Hospitality: The Key to Sustainable Success and Service Excellence, by Curt Archambault | The Dynamic Duo: How HR and Training Teams Can Combine Forces for Organizational Success, from Hospitality Training Magazine

The Duality of Incremental Change: Embracing the Good and Evil, by Curt Archambault | Embracing Microlearning and AI in eLearning: CHART Orlando Breakout Recap, by Sara Delgado | Pizza With a Purpose: Interview with 2023 Commitment to People Recipient, Janelle Reents, President, Monial Pizza Corporation, from Hospitality Training Magazine

Hospitality Training Magazine Issue 10: Summer 2023

Embracing Culture Add: The Future of Hiring in the Hospitality Industry, by Curt Archambault | Rev Up Your Recruiting: Counting Down the Top 10 Must-Have Elements in Hospitality Job Ads, by Patrick Yearout

AI: To Fear or Not to Fear, by Audrey Benet | Unleashing AI’s Potential: 10 Specific Ways ChatGPT Can Empower Hospitality Trainers Right Now, by Patrick Yearout | Anatomy of a Job Benefit: 5 Steps for Flexible Schedules, from Hospitality Training Magazine

The Power of Words: 5 Compelling Reasons to Invest in Communication Skills Training for Your Staff, by Curt Archambault | Get Your Message Across with 8 Confidence Builders, by Patrick Yearout | How AI Will Change Training, for Better or for Worse, from Hospitality Training Magazine

Character, Substance, and Style: Inspiring Others by Being Your Authentic Self by Felicia White | 3 Ways to Add Disney Magic to Your Training by Kelly McCutcheon | A Heart for Growing and Developing People: Interview with Learning Legacy Fund Recipient, Garrett Friemel, from Hospitality Training Magazine

The RIGHT End of the Telescope: Focus on Inclusion First, by Dr. James H. Pogue | Rev Up Your Recruiting: Best Practices to Maximize Job Fair Results, by Patrick Yearout | Case Study: Sonesta's AGM Apprentice Program Upskills a Talented, Certified Staff, from Hospitality Training Magazine

Hospitality Training Magazine, Issue 9: Spring 2023

Digital Persuasion in the Age of AI: 3 Predictions for Hospitality, by Erin King | Happy Work: Leaders Creating an Engaging Work Culture as a New Normal, by Simmone Bowe | MS Teams: One Application to Rule Them All, Recorded Webinar

Engaging & Memorable Communication on a Shoestring Budget, by the Weinerschnitzel Training Team | Maximize Operational Success by Using Modern Technology, by Toni Nigrelli-LaFleur

What I Heard Down the Path to Everywhere, by Rachel Richal | Emerald City & The Rainbow, by Louise Ellis | The ROI of Formalized Purpose & Values, from Hospitality Training Magazine | How AI Will Change Training, For Better or For Worse, Recorded Webinar

Mindset Matters - Session Recap from CHART Seattle, by Serah Morrissey; Worst. Training. Ever. by Jennifer Belk White, from Hospitality Training Magazine

ATE Steps to Energizing Performance in the Employee Lifecycle, by Kathryn Harris; 12 Questions to Ask When Your Online Recruiting Efforts Stall, by Patrick Yearout, from Hospitality Training Magazine

Hospitality Training Magazine Issue 8: Winter 2023

Celebrating Black History Month: Pioneering African Americans in Hospitality, by Felicia White;  Stay Lit: Leveraging Hope-centered Leadership to Prevent Burnout, by Donna Herbel

Apprentice and Mentor Program Helps Grow a Talented, Certified Workforce, by Kate Stiteler

8 Ways to Ensure Job Applicants Say "Yes" to Your Offer, by Patrick Yearout; How One Word Can Create a Mindset That Sticks, by Rachel Richal



How the Principles of Coaching Youth Sports Apply to Learning Design, by Jesse Boehm; Recruiting, Drafting, Coaching – Applying Fantasy Football Methods to Your Team for the “W”, by Rachel Richal; [CHART Talks Video] People First-First Culture, by James Frank

Icebreakers Can Ease Social Anxiety, Engage Your Teams, by Kim Carson; [CHART Talks Video] Good Grief, by Serah Morrissey

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with Familia, by Denise Morales; [CHART Talks Video] Can you fit it in the subject line? by Gabe Hosler

Promoting from Within: 5 Tips from a Panel of Experts - Session Recap from CHART Austin, by Patrick Yearout; Culture Reset: Strengthening Your Business from the Inside Out - Session Recap from CHART Austin, by Carly Cordovano; [CHART Talks Video] Stop Quizzing for Quizzing Sake, by Jesse Boehm

Understanding and Measuring Culture: Session Recap from CHART Austin, by Devon Williams; Corporate Training is Broken, by Jim Knight; Who Ya Gonna Call? 10 Sources for Finding Tech Vendors, by Patrick Yearout; 5 Ways to Compete for Talent in the Gig Economy, by John Poulos

5 Ways to Create a Gender-inclusive Workplace, by Patrick Yearout; From the Eyes of an FTA: A First Time Attendee's Reflection on CHART Las Vegas, by Cindy Childers

Increasing Learning Engagement and Retention with a Certified Peer Trainer Program, by Calvin Banks; CHART PresidenTalks: A Thirst for Content, by Monique Donahue

If Not You...Who? A PROUD Message About the Importance of Authenticity, by Felicia White

There's a Lot of Dreams in Here – A Reflection of My Experience with The Chef Jeff Project, by Marisa McLaughlin; Gen Z Engagement: 5 Tips from a Panel of Experts, by Patrick Yearout

How to Engage the Emerging Gen Z in the Hospitality Industry, by Patrick Yearout

The Art of the Limited Time Offer (LTO), by Felicia White

Resilient Leadership: Your Key to Brilliance, by Josh Davies

In Celebration of Black History Month, The Black Godfather, Clarence Avant, by Felicia White

How One Word Can Change a Mindset, by Rachel Richal

How to Manage Hospitality Teams During Periods of Extreme Stress, by Kim Carson

Hospitality Training Outlook: 5 Trends to Watch in 2022, by Rachael Nemeth



Why Do Labels Matter? Using Gender Pronouns Correctly, by Felicia White

There's No Crying in Baseball: 5 Ways to Increase Empathy in Your Organization, by Matthew Brown

4 Ways Technology Makes Training Fun & Games, Donna Herbel

Effectively Dealing with Supply Chain Disruptions, Patrick Yearout; Best Practices (and Common Pitfalls) When Cleaning and Sanitizing Your Operation CHART Webinar on Demand

Transform Live, Instructor-Led Training to Virtual, Colby Hutchinson; 15 Tips for Virtual Presentation Skills CHART Webinar on Demand

10 Steps to Boost Your Off-premises Sales, Patrick Yearout; The New Face of Agility, from Hospitality Training Magazine

Tackling Frontline Turnover – 5 Tips to Keep Your Team in the Game, Scott McAninley; Pride in the Workplace, Patrick Yearout; Turn Pain into Empowerment by Reframing Your Story, from Hospitality Training Magazine

The Silent Side Effect: Mental Health in the Hospitality Industry, Barret Bailey; No More No-Shows: Eliminating Candidate Ghosting at Your Workplace, Patrick Yearout; Creating a Hospitality Workplace that Supports Mental Wellness, from Hospitality Training Magazine

Beware the Scope Creep! (and prevent it in 5 impactful steps), Patrick Yearout; [Video Interview with Jim Sullivan] Multiunit Leadership in the Post-pandemic Era, Cindy Poulos; Hospitality Needs Trainers More Than Ever—And Trainers Need Their Fundamentals, from Hospitality Training Magazine.

It's Not Easy Seein' Green: Designing for a Color-blind Audience, Patrick Yearout;  Blind Faith, Serah Morrissey; Not Just a Job: Building Career Focus Among Restaurant Professionals, from Hospitality Training Magazine

Ramping Up Recruiting: 5 Best Practices for Virtual Job Fairs, Patrick Yearout; [Interview] John Krahn (and his scarf) is our first #12in21 Success Story!; Tips & Resources to Help You Welcome Guests Back to Your Property, from Hospitality Training Magazine

7 Tips to Creating a Company Newsletter that Informs and Engages, Tammy Calhoun; Three Circles...and the shoe box in the closet, Serah Morrissey; The 5 Lessons 2020 Taught Us, from Hospitality Training Magazine



Cooking and Cocktails for a Cause: Why It Matters, Serah Morrissey; [Webinar] 2020: Foresight, Not Hindsight, Josh Davies

4 Areas of Focus that Build Consumer Confidence in Your Restaurant or Hotel, Sara Bray; Recharge Your Resume: How to Stand Out and Get Noticed (in a good way!), Jennifer Belk White; MIT Training: Streamlined but Not Forgotten, from Hospitality Training Magazine

9 Creative Leadership Strategies for a Post-pandemic World, Jim Sullivan; 3 Ways to De-escalate Cross-cultural Conflict With Guests and Employees, Gerry Fernandez; On-the-job Training During a Pandemic, from Hospitality Training Magazine

Building an LMS for the Future of Work, Sarah Greesonbach, The 15-minute Strategic Appointment System for CHART, Neen James, CSP, The Landscape Changed, Now We Need to Change With It. The Top Ten Ways to be Innovative, from Hospitality Training Magazine

Managing Unconscious Bias, Gerry Fernandez, How Business Resource Groups Ensure You Have the Best Talent, Service, and Inclusive Culture, from Hospitality Training Magazine

Issue 5 of Hospitality Training Magazine

8 Tips and Tricks for Running a Successful Virtual Event, Rachel Richal, CHT; [Webinar] Recharge your Resume, Jennifer Belk White, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

Lay the Groundwork for Success in 2021 with Certified Training, Sarah Greesonbach; [Webinar] Building a Culture of Accountability & Self-Leadership, Gretta Brooks

How Working Remotely Can Work for You, Nick J. Howe; Dear Performance Review: You Need Improvement, Serah Morrissey, SPHR; From the CHART Archives: Leadership Lessons From the Eye of the Storm, Kathleen Wood Blog, Webinar

Reopening Preparation, by John Isbell; E-Learning in Your Reimagined Training Strategy, from Hospitality Training Magazine; Managing Unconscious Bias [webinar], by Gerry Fernandez

The Spring Issue of Hospitality Training Magazine: The New Face of Training

Working Remotely, by Nick J. Howe; Dear Performance Review, by Serah Morrissey, SPHR; Leadership Lessons from the Eye of the Storm [webinar] and [blog] by Kathleen Wood.

New Rules of Leadership in a Post-Coronavirus World, by Jim Sullivan; Five Tips for Empowering Remote Workers, by Amelia Orwick


CHARTing Your Career in 2020 by Chris Sutton, Previously Recorded Webinar Page Gets an Update

Gratitude by Serah Morrissey, CHART Talks: Hospitality for Everyone by Patrick Yearout, and Using Talent Development to Drive Manager Engagement from Hospitality Training Magazine

Why You Need to Pay Attention to Google Reviews by Colby Hutchinson, CHART Talks: Intent vs. Impact by Jen Swan, and Living, Breathing, and Networking His Amusement Park Dreams from Hospitality Training Magazine

Fresh Perspectives on MIT Best Practices by Christine Andrews, CHART Talks: Omotenashi - The Japanese Art of Hospitality by Monique Donahue, and Light Bulb and Ah-Ha Moments from Hospitality Training Magazine

New Issue of the Hospitality Training Magazine, Fresh Perspectives on Company Culture by Jodi Huls, and Tech Trends - Leveraging Consumer Tech by Rob Grimes

Training Tools & Tech by Christine Andrews, Training & Horses by Serah Morrissey, and Unconscious Bias by Gerry Fernandez

Fresh Perspectives on Employee Engagement by Jody Huls and Train for Perfection... Adjust for Reality by John Alexander

You Down with OJT? 2 Ways to Improve On-the-Job Training by Patrick Yearout and A Lesson in Leadership from the "Lunch Line" by Felicia White

RIP Performance Reviews by Georgette Vlangos, Take-Aways from the CHART Annual Conference in Nashville by Curt Archambault, and 5 Practical Techiques to Increase Employee Engagement by Lael Garner-Weadock

Walk a Mile in Their Non-slip Shoes by Gabe Hosler and How to Recruit in a Tight Job Market by Patrick Yearout, 

3 Key Aspects of GM Engagement by Toni Quist and Protecting Your Training Career from the Next Recession by Patrick Yearout

How Restaurants and Hotels Can Prevent Sexual Harassment by Jeff Tenut and CHART Talks: How to Get Hired by Kate Shehan

5 Ways Mindfulness Can Help You be More Productive at Work by JoEtta Barnes and CHART Talks: This One Time at Band Camp by TJ Schier

How I Planned a Winning Conference (Thanks CHART!) by Rachel Richal and Improving Employee Performance Through Recognition by Christin Bell



Jumpstart 2019 NOW! by Chris Sutton and CHART Talks: 5 Ways to Increase Executive Presence by Joleen Goronkin

CHART Talks: Motivation to Learn, Inspiration to Grow by Dr. Mike Hampton, 'Tis the Season: 10 Steps to Keep People Healthy During the Holidays by Gabe Hosler, and My Life-Changing Capstone Experience (or How Patrick Got a Big Promotion) by Patrick Yearout

Creating a Culture of Development Experiences by Damian Hanft and 10 Tips for Hiring the Right Candidate by Joleen Goronkin

3 Tips to Retain Younger Employees Through E-Learning by Monique Donahue and Team Building for Ever-Changing Teams by Patrick Yearout

Chicago Cubs' David Ross Teaches Us Three Ways to be a Better Teammate by Don Yaeger and Finding Your Balance by Gabe Hosler

5 Ways to Better Prepare for a Disaster by Patrick Yearout and Transitioning from Paper-Based to Online Learning by John Poulos

CHART Talks: Advocating for Hospitality - 3 Ways to Stay Current with - and Contest - Local and State Laws by Patrick Yearout and 3 Strategies to Overcome the Never-Ending Paper Chase by Michele Lange

How Management Development Training Reduces Turnover by Jeff Tenut and Interview Questions for Training Vendors by Patrick Yearout

How to Improve Employee Engagement with High-impact Learning by Gary Iles and Getting a Handle on Harassment: 3 Leaders Lay Out Best Tips with Christine Andrews (NRA Show Panel)

8 Questions Training Leaders Should Think About (often) by Kristin Burk and How Experiential Interviewing Can Help You Hire Better Talent - an interview with Serah Morrissey

My 5 Rules for Store Visits by Patrick Yearout, Automate and Grow, or Be Left Behind by Michele Lange, and CHART Talks: Changing Your Aim: Supporting Guests with Non-visible Disabilities with Adam Isaacs

My Favorite CHART Conference: Boca Raton, Summer 2003 by Patrick Yearout, Transform the Hiring Process with Experiential Interviewing by Serah Morrissey, and Facebook Live Interview with Jason Hewlett

5 Rules of Thumb to Handle a Sexual Harassment Complaint by Cindy Bates, Four Questions (and Tips) That Will Transform Your Culture by Dr. Randy Ross, and Preparing for a New Training Department: Prep Work Isn't Just For Cooks by Patrick Yearout

Lead the Way in Management Development with a 5-Step Leadership Ladder by John Poulos and CHART Talks: Managing Change with Energy by Jason Lechner

We are (Not) the Champions by Gabe Hosler and 5 Ways to Successfully Communicate LTOs to Your Restaurant Locations by Gary Iles

How Training Can Help Thwart Sexual Harassment by Ron Ruggless and CHART Talks: Be the Headliner by John Isbell



Chart Your CHART Hotels and Restaurants by Patrick Yearout and Harassment in the Workplace...It's Not Just Hollywood by Michele Lange

Keep Clam and Hire Optimists by Patrick Yearout, Two Peas in a Pod: IT and Training by Michele Lange, and It's About by Jeff Drozdowski

Bring it On! by Gabe Hosler and Getting Creative: Retaining and Growing Great Employees in a Tight Labor Market
by Patrick Yearout

Improving Hotel Guest Satisfaction Could be as Easy as a Smile by Colby Hutchinson and CHART Talks: The Power of Words by Gabe Hosler

CHART Talks: Embracing Turnover by Kendall Ware and Natural Disasters Don't Plan Ahead by Michele Lange

CHART Talks: Ignite Your Meeting by Chip Romp and The Law of Fun by John Isbell

Leadership Lessons from the Eye of the Storm by Kathleen Wood

The Visionary Trainer by Michele Lange and 5 Suggestions to Keep Employees Off Their Cell Phones by Patrick Yearout

Why Millennials are the New Lifeblood of Restaurants by Patrick Yearout and The Law of Brevity by John Isbell

15 Ways to Get Employees to Follow Your Dress Code by Gabe Hosler and Culture Cultivators Dig Deep for Impact by Donna Herbel

Sitting is the New Smoking: 12 Ideas to Get You Back on Your Feet by Gabe Hosler and 5 Great Nuggets from CHART Members at the NRA Show by Patrick Yearout

Speaking with Confidence: Overcoming Fears, Fillers, and Forgetting by Kris Lonsway and Confessions of a "Trainerholic" by Rick Zurburg

Reduce Hotel Repair Costs with Virtual Technology by Mark Boccia, Hospitality's Image Problem (and what you can do about it), and Learning Strategists Grow the Future by Donna Herbel

11 Creative Training Ideas for Restaurant Managers by Jim Sullivan and How Hotels Can Tap into Culture-led Leadership by Danielle Daly

You Can't Hire Them if They Don't Show Up by Patrick Yearout and Cost-Saving Strategies for Hospitality Trainers: Part 2 - New Employee/New Manager Training & Big Picture by Gabe Hosler

Cost-Saving Strategies for Hospitality Trainers: Part 1 - Materials & Classes by Gabe Hosler and Creating an Effective and Affordable Training Program by John Isbell and CHART Talks: Principles of Asset Building by Alycia Harshfield

CHART Talks: BYTS - Be Your True "Training" Self by Wayne Schmidt and Ignite Your Internal Flame by Jessie Bray

2 More Ways Micro-Learning Improves Training Effectiveness by Jeff Tenut, CHART Talks: Innovations in Learning Technology by Mike Hampton, and He Said, He Said - Winter Conference vs. Summer Conference: If You Could Only Attend Just One by Patrick Yearout and Gabe Hosler

Winning Over a Tough Crowd: Strategies for Hospitality Trainers by Serah Morrissey and CHART Talks: Impact Starts With Listening by John Kelley

How to Hire More Competitively in 2017 in a Shrinking Pool of Applicants by Michele Lange and CHART Where You Are! by Donna Herbel



Addressing the Industry’s 800-lb. Gorilla in 2017 by Jim Sullivan and Beyond Task Training: Easier Said Than Done by Donna Herbel

CHART Talks: Training Until They Can't Get it Wrong by TJ Schier and You Get What You (Don't) Pay For by Patrick Yearout

Going Back to School and Looking Forward by Donna Herbel and "Drinking the Kool-Aid" and other Thorns in my Side by Patrick Yearout

6 Best Practices for Translating E-learning Courses by Jeff Tenut and CHART Talks: Body Language 101 for the Texting Generation by Orloff, Del Frisco's

CHART Talks: The Art of Managing Up by Joleen Goronkin and We Can Do That! Capitalizing on the True Value of CHART by Donna Herbel

From Dishwasher to CEO and Candy Striper to Surgeon by Cindy Bates and Strong Recruiting For a Shrinking Workforce By Patrick Yearout

Tech That Teaches: Learning about E-Learning by Donna Herbel and All of Us Working Together #CHARTMonth By Patrick Yearout

CHART Talks: Dealing with Change in Corporate Chaos by Jim Knight, CHART Talks: E-Learning is Not a Food Fight by Cindy Poulos, and All In: Gaining Buy-In and Adoption of Training Programs by Donna Herbel

How to use Stay Interviews as a Retention Strategy by Christine Andrews, How Microlearning is Changing How We Train by Monique Donahue and How to Develop Consistent Company Culture with Training by Jay Griffin

The Power of CHART: Having a Very Gabe Day by Patrick Yearout, Lessons from a New Trainer on the Block by Serah Morrissey and What Does the Generational Shift Mean for Employers? by Bruce Tulgan

Who is on Your Personal Board of Directors? by Chip Romp and The Great Generational Shift: The Post-Boomer Workforce of 2020 by Bruce Tulgan

Training a Diverse Workforce by Jeffrey Drozdowski and What Hospitality Trainers Should Know About Restrictive Scheduling Laws by Patrick Yearout

9 Ways E-learning is a Better Option for Food Safety Training by John Poulos and CHART Talks: Micro-Learning and the Incredible Shrinking Attention Span by Monique Donahue

Training Department Leadership and Crisis Management in a Food Safety Outbreak: Food for Thought by Michele Lange and Convincing the C-Suite: 10 Steps to Making a Compelling Case to Attend CHART by Jason Lyon



Looking for Yoda: May the Training Force Be With You by Patrick Yearout and CHART Talks: The 20-80 Opportunity by Stewart Young

Top 10 Reasons to Attend T3 Seattle by Jim Sullivan, How Certifications are Valuable Training Resources by Mike Nalley and Your Board at Work for You by Jason Lyon

Intentional Trainer Development: Building your Toolkit for Success by Donna Herbel and CHART Talks: Social Anxiety Yes, Some of Your Employees Have It by Jennifer Swan

What Makes a Great Place to Work? by Justin Bigart and 10 Tips for Transferring Classroom Training by Patrick Yearout

 CHART Talks: Blow them Away with Discrepant Events by Becky Rice, 5 Stages of Minimum Wage Grief by Patrick Yearout, and Ideas in Training by TJ Schier

CHART Talks: Stepping Stones by Mike Amos and Lessons Learned at #CHARTNOLA by Dana Roazzi