[Interview] Kelly McCutcheon Busts a Popular Training Myth and Shares Her Cringiest Moment

June 29, 2022 | 759 Views

[Interview] Kelly McCutcheon Busts a Popular Training Myth and Shares Her Cringiest Moment

Kelly McCutcheon

Group Director of Training & Development | Whataburger

Member Spotlight on Success: Kelly McCutcheon Kelly McCutcheon

We couldn't wait to talk with Kelly about the three reasons that things don't get done, and the training myth she wants to bust! Kelly recently completed CHART's Hospitality Training Competencies Certificate Program. Nice work!

Interview: Kelly McCutcheon, Vice President of People, Hopdoddy Burger Bar

What is one training myth you’d like to bust, and why?
Ice breakers are NOT optional, cheesy activities. They are essential for bringing focus to meetings and building trusting teams.

What is your most cringe-worthy training moment/story?
Almost 20 years ago, I was at a working interview for P.F. Chang’s. The expediter kept saying “I need a Mongolian beef to sell ” or “I need a Chang’s Chicken to sell ” to the chef on the line. At the end of the interview, I went to the chef, shook his hand, and said “Turcell, thanks for the opportunity.” He gave me the oddest look – I thought the expediter was calling him Turcell, not saying “to sell!” That was the first time I had ever heard restaurant lingo!

Kelly McCutcheon

When did you first encounter CHART? (What’s your “Meet Cute” story.)
I was invited to a Regional Training Forum in Dallas and it was love at first sight! I couldn’t believe I could get all of this amazing networking and training FOR FREE! Shout out to Kirstie Johnson for taking me under her wing.

What is your favorite part about being a hospitality trainer?
There are two moments I live for! The first is when the lightbulb goes on – when someone discovers they are good at something or tries something for the first time. The second is when someone achieves something amazing, and they reach out to share the news and reflect on all they learned from Hopdoddy that helped them get there.

Kelly McCutcheon

What is the one skill you use regularly that you learned through the Hospitality Training Competencies program?
There are so many! From 9Box to ADDIE, Kirkpatrick to the Triple Constraint, SMART goals to SWOT analysis – my every day is filled with skills I learned from a CHART Competency. But my go-to is – “There are only 3 reasons something isn’t done -  don’t know, can’t do, don’t care.”

What would you have missed if you had never known CHART? Kelly McCutcheon
So much! I truly do not think I would be where I am in my career or who I am as a person without all I have gained from CHART. But what I would miss the most are the friendships!

What advice do you have for a new trainer?
Say YES! Even if you think you aren’t ready for something, jump in and give it a go! You’ll learn so much along the way! (And don’t sweat so much of the small stuff.)

What is your favorite piece of CHART swag?
My CHART apron – I wear it with pride remembering the Cooking for a Cause service event for our virtual conference! 

Kelly McCutcheon

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