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Diving into the Data: Hospitality Training Benchmarks & Insights

frances liu, VP of marketing, opus training
Kelly mccutcheon, Group Director of Training, Whataburger
Damian Hanft, Vice President, Talent Experience, Inspire Brands

April 17, 2024,  2pm EST

Join us for an exciting deep dive into the industry trends and insights that we drew from the Hospitality Training 360 Report, developed in partnership with Opus. This session will also showcase industry benchmarks (budget and hours) so that you can see where you stack up.

The free report is available in an easy-to-read format and as a downloadable PDF if you would like to check it out in advance of attending the webinar. The report shows that with mission-critical training gaining organization-wide support, L&D is at an inflection point. Despite the usual constraints of tight budgets and expanding initiatives, L&D professionals in hospitality show optimism, fueled by a reinvestment of training post-pandemic. More and more hospitality leaders are recognizing the role robust training programs play in improving performance, driving revenue, and ultimately, growing their businesses.

To get a sense of what lies ahead for hospitality training in the next year (and beyond), the report delves into  seven key takeaways:

  1. L&D is back in the spotlight — for now
  2. Training is returning to hospitality’s roots
  3. The frontline manager is receiving renewed investment
  4. L&D trends are grounded in the realities of frontline work
  5. Mobile e-learning is now the norm
  6. The most effective programs embrace the top trends
  7. Knowledge sharing helps level up L&D 




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Visit Webinars on Demand to browse our library of past webinars for topics of interest to you.