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Little Caesars Delivers Fast and Fresh “Digital! Digital!” Employee Training During the Pandemic

David Boddington , National Director of Training and Development at Little Caesar Enterprise, Inc.
Jeff Carr, CEO at Inkling

November 11, 2020

Known for its Hot-N-Ready and “Pizza! Pizza!” motto, Little Caesars is the third-largest pizza chain in the U.S. and operates international franchises in five regions. Like every organization in 2020, Little Caesars faced a fresh batch of challenges with COVID-19, including the ongoing need to shift operations and retrain employees with speed. Not only did Little Caesars coordinate with external delivery partners like DoorDash, but the pizza chain also distributed new and updated training to employees on a regular cadence around procedures, health regulations, and contactless delivery at its stores.

Join David Boddington, National Director of Training and Development at Little Caesar Enterprises, Inc, and Jeff Carr, CEO at Inkling, to learn how Little Caesars:

  • Leveraged Inkling to bring just-in-time training and knowledge to global employees in a single digital location
  • Navigated the new COVID-19 business environment with speed and agility
  • Learned valuable lessons around implementation, strategic rollouts, content creation, and best practices
  • Developed a vision for the future of learning with Inkling

Supporting Your Employees as You Navigate Change

Orvil Ownby - Network & Infrastructure Manager, copper cellar
Bart Fricks - COO, copper cellar
Lana Dalton - Marketing Specialist, Wisetail

October 28, 2020

This year has been nothing less than a seismic event for the hospitality industry, as the pandemic deeply impacted restaurants and lodging businesses across the nation. Now that businesses are reopening and managers are bringing employees back into the fold, one challenge many L&D pros must face is this: How to continue to support your employees as you navigate change.

Join these experts to discuss the tactics this team used to help their employees maintain cohesiveness during times of change.

Recharge Your Resume

Jennifer belk white, sphr,shrm-scp
VP of HR at Premier Parking

August 26, 2020

Are you sending out lots of resumes but getting limited responses? Do you apply for jobs that you would be perfect for, but hear nothing from the recruiter? Your resume may be getting in your way.  In this session we will provide guidance on the key areas you need to focus on to improve your resume, as well as a few tips on what not to do!

Building a Culture of Accountability & Self-Leadership

Gretta Brooks, CEO, SalesBoost

July 28, 2020

California Virtual Regional Training Forum

Now more than ever, we need our team members to be engaged and to take ownership. Gretta Brooks, CEO at SalesBoost will show you how to create a culture of accountability in your organization.

During this webinar, recorded from the July 28 CHART California virtual Regional Training Forum, Gretta discusses the top 5 ways that you and your organization can provide solid, consistent leadership that demonstrates and rewards accountable behaviors.