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Learn from previous CHART webinars. Our webinars cover a variety of topics related to the hospitality industry and provide you with building blocks to improve your training skill set. Don’t forget to check out our upcoming webinars, to attend and participate in those live events.

Helping Your Restaurant Managers Ace Health Inspections

Patrick Guzzle, Vice President Food Safety for National Restaurant Association

August 24, 2022

Although health codes vary by state and region, there are a handful of common violations that health inspectors see frequently. Patrick Guzzle, Vice President Food Safety for National Restaurant Association, will lean on his experience as a health inspector to give you common mistakes to avoid when preparing for a health inspection, critical items to include when building your checklist, and tips on how to stay prepared to ace a health inspection any day of the week.

Identifying Gaps in Training Programs (and Refining Your Efforts to See Results!)

Nick Kyle, Manager of Training, Bagel brands
Kat Claypool, Wisetail

July 13, 2022

As L&D professionals, there is a never-ending aspiration for better - better onboarding, better training programs, better retention, and better teams. Nick Kyle and his team at Bagel Brands pinned down an ingredient in their better recipe: training delivery. Join us as we sit down with Nick Kyle to discuss and examine how Bagel Brands has found value and hard-data to support people-centric onboarding + training. As they say, there's proof in the pudding. Bagel Brands refined the focus within their onboarding and training efforts, leading them to winning company-wide retention goals.

How to Effectively Communicate With Your Hospitality Workers

Patrick L. Guzzle, Vice President, Food Science, National Restaurant Association

April 20, 2022

How are you communicating with your restaurant and hotel workers? Do you tell stories? Do you lecture? Do you use written instructions?
Communication is an essential part of any hospitality business, but there can be barriers to communicating effectively and efficiently. How we communicate impacts the success of our operations and how well our staff understands critical topics like food safety and risk mitigation.
During this webinar, Patrick L. Guzzle, Vice President, Food Science, National Restaurant Association, will help attendees understand a variety of communication styles, the benefits and drawbacks for each, and show them the importance of appropriate communication between staff and managers.

Culture Reset: Strengthening Your Business From the Inside Out - NRA Show + CHART

Braxton Luzier, Senior Manager, Learning & Communications, Blaze Pizza

March 23, 2022

Learn successful strategies to define and immerse your business in a purpose-driven workplace culture that will help strengthen your business from the inside out.