Resource Gallery Expo

The CHART Resource Gallery is a very focused vendor fair allowing companies who are marketing to hospitality training and HR professionals an opportunity to showcase their products and services in a short, efficient, and targeted event.

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Resource Gallery Expo

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This vendor fair, held at each of CHART's semi-annual conferences, is the only real venue that CHART has for promotion and sales to members.

The Resource Gallery Fair is for member-recommended companies, so members are sure to meet companies that their peers have used and highly recommend. If a potential participant company is working with any CHART member companies, we would be happy to contact the member for a recommendation. The benefit to the vendor is the opportunity to meet with and showcase their materials to 150-350 trainers in the hospitality industry in a friendly, fun, and personal setting. 

We select companies for this event whose products and services are needed by the attendees, and whose target market are hospitality training professionals. We want both member and vendor to benefit significantly from the event, so we have designed the Resource Gallery to allow us to hand-pick vendors whose services and products are sought by our members.

The Resource Gallery is held from approximately 3:00-6:00 p.m. during a cocktail reception and social gathering the second day of the February/March and July/August conferences. Space in the Resource Gallery is limited to approximately 25 vendors to ensure that we maintain the intimate atmosphere that has made this event so beneficial and effective for both the vendors and our members.

The cost is $2,500 to participate in the winter conference, and $3,500 for the larger summer conference. Participants in the vendor fair have found the event to be extremely effective and cost-efficient due to the targeted audience that they meet in a brief period of time. Because the event is less than 3 hours in length, vendors save significantly on the expense of manning a booth for several days, while most of the 150-350 people they meet are qualified buyers looking specifically for training materials. In addition, the event is held in a meeting room, so there is no added expense for furniture, rugs, lights, etc. that you may need to budget for in other exhibit halls.

Participating vendors are considered a CHART "supporter" for the following year, with their company description appearing in the conference binder and their website linked on the CHART website for one year as a "Recommended Resource." Each time an industry professional comes to our site seeking materials, he or she would be further directed to the vendor's site.

For further information on the CHART Resource Gallery, contact the CHART office at 800.463.5918 or e-mail  See the CHART Resource Gallery Flyer to print out details. View attendee list title and company from the last Winter Conference Attendees list and Summer Conference Attendees List to see if CHART members represent your target audience.