Corporate Membership Application & Fees

CHART Membership is open to individuals employed by restaurant, foodservice, and lodging operators and have the responsibility to create, implement or oversee programs for education, training and developing human resources. Members must be able to attend conferences and be willing to participate and share information with other HR/Training professionals.

Corporate Membership Packages


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Company Memberships

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Corporate Memberships can be purchased by companies who wish to enroll 5 or more trainers with CHART. Additional discounts and benefits apply. See packages below for details, or view as a PDF.

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Basic Group: Teams of 5-10+
Associate: Teams of 25+
Team: Teams of 50+
Advocate: Teams of 100+
Champion: Teams of 200+
Visionary: Teams of 300+

Basic Group Membership 5-10+ $1,000 - $2,000

Dave's Hot Chicken TeamInvest in your team with CHART group membership. By choosing the corporate package, you ensure that the CHART membership stays with your company, so your organization can continue receiving the benefits of CHART membership even when your team changes.

This package includes:

Associate Level: For Teams of 25+ $5,000

Del Taco TeamYour investment of $5,000 annually sets your small team up for success! CHART membership for 25 employees is included, as well as all of the additional benefits listed.

This package includes:

Team Level: For Teams of 50+ $10,000

Inspire Brands TeamTake your team to the next level with CHART membership. Your investment of $10,000 annually includes CHART membership for 50 employees, as well as the additional benefits listed.

This package includes:

Advocate Level: For Teams of 100+ $15,000

Flatbread TeamAdvocate for your team and advance your organization’s hospitality training impact. An investment of $15,000 annually grants you a complete trainer certification package with licensed course content branded to your concept in addition to CHART membership benefits for 100 employees.

This package includes:

Champion Level: For Teams of 200+ $20,000

Outdoor teamBe a champion of hospitality training and human resources with CHART membership for 200 employees and a host of exclusive benefits. Your investment of $20,000 annually sets your entire team up for success!

This package includes:

Visionary Level: For Teams of 300+ $25,000

Large group of happy people in las Vegas.Be recognized as a true visionary of hospitality leadership, and give your entire team the competitive edge that will differentiate your organization from the rest. In addition to 300 CHART memberships, you will receive many valuable benefits that will help you achieve your goals.

This package includes:


For companies that have existing members, they can merge those into the company membership. For any questions about company memberships, email


Corporate Membership Packages