CHART changes lives. But don't take it from us! Hear first hand from CHART member about the impact CHART has had on their personal and professional development.

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Patrick Yearout

Director of Training, Ivar's Restaurants

I can't even begin to quantify the incredible value of my ten years of membership in the Council of Hotel and Restaurant Trainers. I have learned so much from CHART in so many different ways (networking with other trainers, attending learning sessions, participating in regional forums, volunteering as a conference team director), and these experiences have not only helped me to become a better trainer, leader, and businessman, but also certainly and positively impacted operations back at my company. If you want to invest in your career and in the continued success of your hotel or restaurant, I urge you to drop by a regional forum or attend a conference and learn more about this amazing organization of hospitality professionals.

Curt Archambault

Vice President, People and Performance Strategies

Unlike other types of organizations for trainers, CHART is an organization for restaurant and lodging training professionals – people in a single industry who share a passion for training. I really felt I was among my own.

David Myers

Training/HR Manager, Fazoli's System Management, LLC

I appreciate the general openness of the CHART Trainer group. Las Vegas was my first conference and by the end I felt as if I had been going for years.

Emily Ellis

Principal, Education and Training Concepts

I've been a member of CHART for 15 years. The biggest benefit for me has been all I've learned from the people who come to CHART every year. At the conferences and when we all come together, it's like family; people are interested in your career, your personal life, what you're doing, what your year's been like. But even more than that, you can call on the people you meet, any time during the year, regardless of what project you're working on, what questions you have; if you just need a thought partner, you have people who are willing to talk to you, send you anything that they have.

Teresa Siriani

CHART is truly the premier training organization for the hospitality industry, for both restaurants and hotels. Before CHART, training was a bit more of a department than it was a philosophy, than it was a business impact. People Report has been involved with CHART for many years, and we have certainly been proud to do so because we have seen the importance of training grow in the eyes of operators and in the eyes of our industry. CHART has really legitimized training.

Susan Chavez

Manager, Program Development, El Pollo Loco, Inc.

CHART has been very valuable to me. I have met and learned from the best trainers in the restaurant and hotel industries. I have belonged to other training organizations, but CHART has been the most beneficial because I have been able to exchange ideas with people who understand the challenges specific to the hospitality industry. The people who belong to CHART are professionals who really care about making the organization a success!

John W. Isbell, CHT

Director of Training, O'Charley's

While being involved with CHART has helped me develop my skills as a training professional, I think more importantly my involvement with this organization on the Executive Board has allowed me to grow as a leader and provide me with incredibly valuable skills I can use when working with the executives in my company.

Debbie Martinez

Director of Training, Lucille's Smokehouse Bar-B-Que

I highly recommend CHART to anyone who works in a training position in the hospitality industry. The organization is like a buffet of knowledge ready to be eaten up by the next hungry trainer!s are some of the most passionate, caring and brilliant people I know. If you want to learn from the best - CHART is where to do it.

Josh Davies

President, The A Game

One of the greatest benefits of CHART is one of the biggest challenges we as trainers face - executive development. By getting involved as a volunteer leader with CHART, you are put in situations to stretch and develop personal executive leadership skills in a way that most trainers never encounter in their daily work lives. CHART is preparing the next generation of training executives, not just great trainers!

Richard A. Zurburg, CHA, CHRE

Consultant, Trainer, Coach, RA Zurburg & Associates

With the CHART organization as a partner, you can tackle the greatest training challenges in your career. While you may be a one person training department, that doesn't mean you have tackle every training project on your own. With hundreds of fellow trainers to network with, you can find the right person to share best practices and help you be more effective. CHART has been a lifetime partner for over 30 years and I've learned valuable new things at each and every conference.