CHART Launches New Member Center and Discussion Forum

To streamline the CHART member virtual experience and facilitate member sharing and communications, CHART has launched a new member center and Discussion Forum, including Ask My Peers.

CHART Member Center & Discussion Forum

CHART Members can visit the new Member Center, which includes the Member Directory, Trainer Toolbox, and Calendar of events, as well as the Discussion Forum where members can participate in the Ask My Peers discussion group, discussion groups connected to their regional meetings and CHART teams. More information about all that is new there is below. 

Members loggong in for the first time will use their email as their username, and then click "Forgot Password" to set their new password. Once you enter, update your ptrofile and add a photo, then click on Forum in the upper right corner to see the discussion groups. Note: Although there is a single login for both the member center and the Forum, you photo needs to be entered a second time in the Forum.

Log In NOW!

If you have any trouble at all, email


Your member experience should be greatly enhanced through our new Member Center.

Here are all the things  you will be able to do easier and better than ever before:

Any new technology has its learning curve, and we want to thank you in advance for your willingness to dip your toe in the water or dive right in! As we work through the kinks, please let us know what you are experiencing.

Take a sneek peek at the new Member Center login and basic navigation in this brief video overview with Susan!