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Multiunit Leadership Training & Development
Jim Sullivan, Sullivision
Wednesday, October 10, 2017   1:00 PM EST

Most foodservice trainers are challenged in developing relevant programs for their Area Managers, multiunit franchisees and franchise business consultants because of the level of expertise they already possess, and the fact that training for tenure at that level is a challenge and unique skill.  Let me know what dates youre looking for and forward a few samples of the descriptors youve used for previous webinars so I can draft an appropriate one.



Using Incentives to Reinforce Training!
TJ Schier, SMART Restaurant Group, Which Wich Franchisee
Wednesday, December 6, 2017   1:00 PM EST (date moved to first Wednesday of month)

Building sales and profits might seem difficult but not if you leverage the power of 'MBA' (Mutually Beneficial for All) thinking. Discover 12 proven incentive contests, reward and recognition tactics to move sales and profits through your front- and back-of-house teams. Think employees don't care about your bottom line? Worry no more!

  • Articulate the impact of a recognition-based management style
  • Identify tactics to increase satisfaction and results so everyone benefits - the employee, the business and the guest
  • Discover a variety of incentive strategies for front of house and back of house team members