[Interview] John Krahn (and his scarf) is our first #12in21 Success Story

March 21, 2021 | 1355 Views

[Interview] John Krahn (and his scarf) is our first #12in21 Success Story

John Krahn

Senior Manager of Training | Cousins Subs

John Krahn

#12in21 Success Story

John Krahn: "All it took was a little creativity and a friend in IT!"

With the completion of the Project Management competency workshop on March 10, John Krahn has accomplished the entire program! He also receives his Lifetime Member recognition this year as a 20-year CHART member. So, 2021 is a BIG year for John!

We couldn’t wait to talk to John about his thoughts on hospitality training!

Interview: John Krahn, Senior Manager of Training, Cousins Subs

What is your favorite training hack?
Must be the old Boy Scout in me, but “Be Prepared” is my favorite training hack. My training sessions are always better when they are well-planned out and I am comfortable with the material being presented.

What is your most cringe-worthy training moment?
I was going through a Zenger-Miller certification program in the 1990s, and the topic I choose to present to the class (employee POS training) was so boring that people started to zone out fast. And this was before cell phones were in everyone’s hands!

Give em the PickleWhat’s your “Meet Cute” CHART story?
It was love at first sight! Even after 16 hours of winter travel from Milwaukee to Seattle (I arrived in Seattle at 3 am), the opening keynote (Bob Farrell’s Give ‘em the Pickle) sold me on the motivational power of CHART conferences.

What has been the best moment in your training career so far?
Creating CousinsU, our company’s e-learning platform, in 2012 with a zero-dollar budget. All it took was a little creativity and a friend in IT!

John Krahn Training Team

What is the one skill you use regularly that you learned through the Hospitality Training Competencies program?
I regularly fall back on the skills I learned as part of the Participation Management module. The different personalities who attend my workshops include people who will not voluntarily speak, those who will not stop speaking, and every personality in between.

CHART Leadership Lunch

What would you have missed if you had never known CHART?
Without CHART, I would have missed the heart-warming nourishment gained from like-minded trainers.

What advice do you have for a new trainer? John Krahn's CHART Scarf
My advice for a new trainer would be to stay positive, be open to tackling projects outside of your comfort zone, maintain brand standards, and always care about your learners.

What is your favorite piece of CHART swag?
My CHART scarf came in incredibly handy during this past Wisconsin winter.

In 2021, CHART is offering all 12 of the Hospitality Training Workshops over the course of the year through the Hospitality Training LIVE virtual series. Be like John and write the next chapter of your success!

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