7 Tips to Creating a Company Newsletter that Informs and Engages

February 08, 2021 | 1531 Views

7 Tips to Creating a Company Newsletter that Informs and Engages

Tammy Calhoun, CHT

Director of Learning and Development | Firebirds Wood Fired Grill

Communication is key to any successful organization. It’s especially important now when many of our company leaders have had to minimize travel, and are not present in our restaurants or hotels as much as they used to be. So how do you keep the team informed, engaged, and everyone on the same page? Create a company newsletter!

Here are some tips for creating a newsletter that employees will want to read:

1. Determine the right content for your audience.

Ask yourself “What type of information should go in the newsletter?”

Weekly areas of focus, upcoming features, promotions, new cocktails or mocktails, how to stay safe reminders, FYIs, spotlight of the week (tell the story of a team member or manager doing something great), anniversaries, and new store openings, are examples.

2. Determine the right timing.

Ask yourself “How often should the newsletter be published?"

Weekly, two times a month, monthly, quarterly? It depends on your company, but once a week can be best for hospitality companies because you can focus on the week’s immediate priorities, and not have to try to cover too much information at once. Keep it simple with what’s most important this week!

3. Determine the right day.

Ask yourself “What day of the week is best?”

In many cases, Monday or Tuesday is best so you can plan for and lay out the most important spotlights for that week.

4. Determine the right format.

Ask yourself “Is there a specific format I should use?”

This one is an easy YES! You want your newsletter to reflect your brand standards, and to have the same look and feel each time so the readers know what to expect each week. Microsoft Word has templates available, so there is no need to recreate the wheel. You can customize the templates to fit your needs or find another template online that works best for you.

5. Determine the design details.

Ask yourself “What are some fine points to consider when creating a newsletter?”

Here is a brief list:

6. Determine the delivery method.

Ask yourself “What is the best way to get the newsletter to the team?“

In these days, the answer is usually email, but using a company portal or Facebook group are also ideas. Bottom line is to use the best communication system for your company.

7. Determine visibility.

Ask yourself “What is our audience supposed to do with the newsletter?”

Printing it and posting it in the office, service alley, host stand, front desk, or break room will help increase the visibility and readership.

3 BONUS Pro Tips!

A great company newsletter can help keep your team in the know and everyone on the same page. It should be fun to write and fun to read. With a bit of planning, consistent execution, and an understanding of what your team members want to read, you can have an effective and engaging newsletter that employees will come to rely on to know what’s happening in your business.

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