Team Building for Ever-Changing Teams

Most people who have worked in the hospitality industry know the importance of strong teamwork in their operations. When a team doesn’t work well together during a shift, it seems like everything starts to increase: lines, wait times, stress levels, and tempers. If allowed to continue from day to day, a hotel or restaurant with poor teamwork can soon expect everything to start to decrease: guest satisfaction, return visits, employee tenure, and profits.

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3 Tips to Retain Younger Employees Through E-Learning

Engaging workers in their twenties and thirties to stay with your company can be a challenge, but it may not be as difficult as you think. The current generation of workers comprises 35% of the labor force in the United States and they’re steadily moving up through the ranks into management positions. They job-hop at least 20 times in search of job fulfillment, mobility and work-life balance, resulting in lower management retention.

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