Chicago Cubs' David Ross Teaches Us Three Ways to be a Better Teammate

David Ross had a problem. His hands. He didn’t know what to do with them. Hoisted on the shoulders of his jubilant teammates who were carrying him off the field like a Roman conqueror, the aging, perennial back-up catcher, fumbled and flailed, ear-to-ear grin not withstanding. The Cubs had just won the World Series in a spectacular Game Seven, and as he and his teammates swarmed each other in an impromptu post-World Series victory melee, the simple fact was he did not know what to do with his hands while riding those shoulders.

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Finding Your Balance

At the conclusion of our 96th Hospitality Training Conference in Boca Raton, with the new board of directors in place and a full agenda of projects on our plate, my first official act as CHART president was to ... take a vacation. My family and I boarded a plane at the Fort Lauderdale airport and soon landed in Key West, where we spent 5 wonderfully peaceful days enjoying each other's company.

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