5 Ways to Better Prepare for a Disaster

Even though it was more than 17 years ago, I remember almost everything about the morning of February 28, 2001. It was Ash Wednesday, a big sales day for seafood restaurants, and I was working as the manager-in-charge of our quick-service location in Everett, Washington. I remember my team on that day consisted of Barbara, a 15-year Ivar’s veteran, and Jordan, who had only been with the company for a few months, and we all worked very hard to prepare for the many guests we were expecting.

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Transitioning from Paper-Based to Online Learning

Have you decided to take the leap from paper-based materials to online learning but are not quite sure where to start? You’re not alone. Since this transition can seem overwhelming, many companies find it helpful to approach the shift to online learning in phases. The key is to remember this is not a mad dash to the finish line, but rather a purposeful evolution that continues to assess, respond and adapt to how the new programs are being adopted and used by your learners.

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