Your Board at Work for You

November 18, 2015 | 1993 Views

Your Board at Work for You

Jason Lyon, FMP

You see our enthusiastic caring at our conferences, read our sharing through our blogs posts and Ask My Peers replies, and learn with us at RTFs, but do you know how your board helps CHART grow year round?

Throughout our term we work on behalf of our membership with bi-weekly accountability conference calls as well as intense face-to-face meetings on a quarterly basis to set and facilitate our Widely Important Goals (WIGs).

Just over a month ago we met for our quarterly meeting in Seattle to not only start the planning for T3 in February 2016, but also to set, plan, and strategize our efforts for the year ahead. The following goals will be keeping us engaged in the coming months:

• Continue to raise the quality, depth, and quantity of educational content at our conferences as well as Regional Training Forums (RTFs). For example, we are currently reviewing our competencies to make sure they contain the most current content you need to succeed as well as looking to expand each track with an additional level of learning. If all goes well, we will be beta testing a hands-on, project-orientated workshop as an “advanced learning” level to one of our current tracks at Seattle T3 or Charleston.

• Increase revenue to ensure strong financial longevity of CHART. Through increasing the scope and diversity of our valued sponsors as well as Resource Gallery participants, we will have greater funds to expand your membership value and access to resources that keep you at the forefront of visionary training.

• Grow our membership. By focusing on our first two goals, we will continue to add to our membership base which gives us strength in numbers.Making us stronger in our ability to learn, share, grow, and care with each other with greater insights, high-quality connections, and proven best practices. Additionally we will concentrate on bridging the retention gap that occurs through industry attrition and career advancement.

We look forward to strengthening CHART as the leading resource for hospitality training professionals and helping you become better, faster, stronger, and greater at work and in life.

This blog originally appeared as the PresidentTalks article in the November 2015 issue of CHART's FlipCHART newsletter.

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