Prioritizing Fundamental Human Skills: The Heartbeat of Hospitality Success

March 27, 2024 | 217 Views

Prioritizing Fundamental Human Skills: The Heartbeat of Hospitality Success

Curt Archambault, FMP

Education Strategist, CHART | Partner Consultant, People & Performance Strategies

In the hospitality industry, success hinges on the latest technology and the timeless art of human connection. A revealing study conducted by the Council of Hotel and Restaurant Trainers (CHART) and Opus, a frontrunner in Learning Management System (LMS) technology, uncovers the vital role of interpersonal skills in creating memorable service experiences. Here's a deeper look at what makes the hospitality sector tick, backed by insights from their collaboration.

Fundamental Discoveries from the CHART and Opus Research

This pivot towards "Returning to Hospitality Roots" highlights a growing trend among L&D professionals to focus on nurturing fundamental human skills over technological abilities.

Opus 360 Report Page 6


Hospitality's Role as a Training Ground

The hospitality industry plays a crucial role in equipping first-time workers, many lacking the essential skills needed for service roles. As L&D professionals, we bring the training to those starting their careers. We are also adding to those who have had training but maybe lacked focus on service. This has led to a strategic focus on training priorities by L&D in the hospitality world:

These adjustments aim to address the immediate need for skilled workers and lay the foundation for cultivating future industry leaders.

Beyond "Soft Skills"

I have long bristled at the conventional term "soft skills" as it hardly does justice to the profound impact these abilities have on the hospitality sector and life in general. These Fundamental Human Skills are crucial for fostering deep connections between staff and guests, staff and staff, and staff and supervisor:

Personal Reflections

Drawing from my experience in the hospitality industry since the age of 16, I've seen the transformative effect of focusing on these fundamental human skills. This approach reaffirms the industry's foundation on meaningful human interaction rather than a step back. My most successful team members were always those who could connect with those around them, which led to a great experience.

The Importance of L&D Insights

The foresight shown by CHART and Opus in conducting this study underscores the pivotal role of L&D professionals in guiding the future of hospitality. Their findings are not just observations but essential markers for executive teams. Prioritizing these fundamental human skills ensures the sector's ongoing success and vibrancy.

This study serves as a crucial reminder of the hospitality industry's core values. As technology continues to evolve, it's imperative not to lose sight of the fundamental human skills that are the essence of hospitality. Embracing these skills strengthens the industry's foundation, guaranteeing its ability to offer unforgettable experiences to guests around the globe.

Securing a copy of these insights is highly recommended for a deeper dive into the study and to understand the breadth of insights it offers. My key takeaway? As we maneuver through the challenges and opportunities this industry brings, the true essence of hospitality remains rooted in the fundamental human skills that connect, engage, and delight guests in every interaction.

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