Whose Development is More Important?

December 06, 2023 | 536 Views

Whose Development is More Important?

Damian Hanft

CHART President | Vice President, Talent Experience | Inspire Brands

As I think back, a mentor of mine (and previous boss) used to always play a game with me. We would challenge each other with provocative questions that would make you think. One of those questions that stuck with me is, “If you had a day become free on your calendar next week, would you choose to spend it developing someone else or developing yourself?” Now, there isn’t necessarily a right answer to this question as it’s more about how you approach it and rationalize what you would do. However, it’s worth discussing with others as I’m sure you would receive varying opinions from your colleagues on what should be done. (Try asking them!)

In our profession, we are all very focused on the development of others, but what about ourselves? As an example, you may spend a lot of time helping to craft development plans for Managers, but do you have one yourself? Are you updating it and treating it as a living document that changes based on your own needs? Are you developing skills that align with your career goals (just because you need to be better in Excel doesn’t mean you should develop that skill further)? The best development plans allow us to build skills through activities we’re already doing. Think about your own development through a lens of how can I grow a skill through activities that I’m already required to do with my existing job. 

Obviously, being a CHART member supports your development. But CHART is only beneficial to your growth and development if you use it.  Whether that be Ask My Peers, attending a webinar or a conference, or connecting with other CHART members at a Regional Training Forum (RTF), you only realize the full value of membership by engaging.

So, if you had a day free up on your calendar next week, how would you choose to spend it?

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