How HR and Training Can Combine Forces for Organizational Success

September 25, 2023 | 1103 Views

How HR and Training Can Combine Forces for Organizational Success

Patrick Yearout, FMP, CHT

Director of Innovation, Recruiting, and Training | Ivar's & Kidd Valley Restaurants

This article was originally published in the September 2023 issue of Hotel Management.

As the twin guardians of a hotel's most valuable asset — its people — the Human Resources (HR) department ensures the recruitment, retention, and well-being of a skilled workforce, while the Training department empowers employees with the knowledge and skills to deliver outstanding experiences. Instead of working in separate silos, however, a collaboration of HR and Training can yield remarkable synergies that elevate both employee performance and guest satisfaction.

But how can you encourage this teamwork? Here are three ways to achieve that goal: 

1. Communication – A successful alliance begins with establishing open lines of communication. If the directors overseeing these departments promote the idea of sharing information, it helps individuals feel more comfortable talking about their needs and challenges. These efforts can take the form of:

2. Partnership – Cooperation between HR and the Training departments can be further enhanced by combining their actual work. Examples include:

3. Measurement – The third step to forging a stronger tie is to identify joint performance metrics that will drive HR and Training to achieve common objectives. These metrics might include:

Human Resources and Training can function perfectly fine within their own bubbles, but more than any other departments in the hospitality world, the results of this dynamic duo’s combined efforts can spur both individual and collective growth among your teams and propel your hotels toward greater success.

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