Rev Up Your Recruiting: Counting Down the Top 10 Must-Have Elements in Hospitality Job Ads

July 12, 2023 | 1510 Views

Rev Up Your Recruiting: Counting Down the Top 10 Must-Have Elements in Hospitality Job Ads

Patrick Yearout, FMP, CHT

Director of Innovation, Recruiting, and Training | Ivar's & Kidd Valley Restaurants

Welcome back to another electrifying edition of "Rev Up Your Recruiting," where we bring you the grooviest insights into the world of recruiting for hospitality businesses! We're counting down the top 10 most important items that industry employers should include in their online job ads to attract rock-star candidates. So, let's amp up the anticipation and start the countdown! 

  1. Coming in at #10, it's "Company Achievements." Let applicants know about your hotel or restaurant’s record-breaking success by listing milestones, accolades, and growth prospects. This positive employer branding will hit all the right notes with jobseekers by orchestrating a sense of excitement and opportunity. 
  1. Moving on to #9, it's all about "Company Culture." Give candidates a backstage pass to your brand by sharing your mission, vision, and values – it’s even better if you can feature these elements in testimonials from your team members or visually through photos of your workplaces. Let ‘em really experience the harmony of your organization! 
  1. Sliding into #8, we have "Key Skills and Requirements." Create a catchy chorus by outlining the essential abilities, qualifications, and experience necessary for the role. Your goal here should be to strike a balance between desired expertise and potential for growth so you attract both industry veterans and fresh talent from diverse backgrounds eager to prove themselves. 
  1. Climbing up the charts to #7, it’s one your favorites, "Growth Opportunities.” Candidates want to know that their careers can flourish within your organization, so hit the high notes by mentioning your training programs, mentorship opportunities, and potential career paths that can take them from aspiring artists to stadium headliners. 
  1. Rolling in at #6, we have “Unique Selling Points.” Let your special melody shine by highlighting what sets your jobs or worksites apart from the competition. Whether it's a prime location, state-of-the-art amenities, or a focus on employee well-being, make sure to strike a chord of curiosity with jobseekers. 
  1. Halfway there, folks! At #5, it’s “Job Location." Ensure candidates know exactly where the beat will lead them. Provide a specific address so they can measure their possible commute (either from walking, biking, driving, or using transit) and emphasize any flexibility or remote work options that can add to their work-life balance. 
  1. Zooming up to #4, we have "A Clear Job Title and Responsibilities." You may be labeled as tone-deaf if you include overly-fancy job titles like Transaction Efficiency Specialist or Gastronomic Maestro in your recruiting ads. Instead, use concise and relatable ones like Cashier and Cook that will clearly convey the essence of the position, and then follow them up with a short list of everyday tasks and duties. Jobseekers are typically scrolling through dozens or hundreds of ads, and you want them to instantly picture themselves performing the roles you have open – and they absolutely cannot do that if they don’t know what you are saying. 
  1. Hitting the top 3, you know it, you love it: "Benefits and Perks." Set the stage for genuine interest in your open positions by publicizing the extras your company offers to its employees. From insurance packages and vacation time to tuition reimbursement and free/discounted meals, let candidates know that joining your team comes with a whole symphony of advantages. 
  1. Holding strong at #2, it's "Compensation." Make the rhythm of your ads even sweeter with pay transparency so that candidates can quickly determine if your job will allow them to continue, or possibly improve, their current living situation. Providing a wage rate or range, along with information on extras like tips or bonuses, can also demonstrate that you value the hard work of your employees and are committed to their financial well-being. 
  1. And finally, everyone, we've reached the peak of the chart! At #1, this week and every week, we have a "Frictionless Application Process!" Your recruiting setlist isn’t complete without a seamless and user-friendly application process. Streamline the steps, offer multiple avenues for submission (email, text, online, in person), and test the system regularly to ensure a smooth-flowing experience for all applicants. Do what you need to do to make it easy for them to step out onto the stage and show off their talent. 

There you have it – the top 10 most important items hospitality employers should include in their job ads. With these pulse-pounding hits in your recruiting jukebox, you'll be sure to attract pitch-perfect candidates and create a high-energy ensemble that will propel your business to the big time.

That’s all for now, and to paraphrase Casey Kasem, keep your feet on the ground, and keep reaching for the star applicants!

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Comments (2)

  1. Travis Smith:
    Jul 13, 2023 at 01:51 PM

    Great article and helpful, easy-to-digest content. Very timely, too, since we are developing a new training program around hiring and retention. Thank you, Patrick, for your continuous inspiration.

  2. Jason Lechner:
    Jul 14, 2023 at 10:18 AM

    Thank you for this article. Not only well-written with some fun and energy, but more importantly the strategy and tactics are all applicable. I am sharing this with our internal People team as we work to revamp our attraction/hiring/onboarding processes in the next 12-18 months. Thank you for sharing!!!