How the Principles of Coaching Youth Sports Apply to Learning Design

October 20, 2022 | 2144 Views

How the Principles of Coaching Youth Sports Apply to Learning Design

Jesse Boehm

Senior Learning Architect | Buffalo Wild Wings

Over the last three years, I’ve spent warm summer nights, chilly fall days, and even freezing winter mornings heading into a dome to coach my two young boys in baseball or soccer. Through all those seasons, it wasn’t until recently that I realized I was intuitively applying learning principles that are some of the pillars of instructional design into my coaching. I was doing this well before I actually learned what they were.

Even today, I don’t coach and teach kids by spending a bunch of time analyzing skills or knowledge gaps and then delivering a well-thought-out solution. I must think on-the-fly with 11 three- to four-year-olds staring at me, ready to explode with energy! So how do I do it? What are the learning principles I apply to coaching? Well, whether you’re going to coach youth sports or just want to improve the learning retention of the training you’re currently creating, you don’t need to be well-versed in instructional design, you simply need to ensure your training is abiding by the following key learning principles:

Now, I’m guessing you didn’t read this blog hoping to pick up coaching tips! But whether you’re a coach, instructional designer, or someone who creates training for your organization, applying these key principles can improve the learning and retention you would like to see in the training content or programs you create.

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