CHART PresidenTalks: A Thirst for Content

June 22, 2022 | 595 Views

CHART PresidenTalks: A Thirst for Content

Monique Donahue, CHT

Director of Professional Development & Academic Markets | RMA

I've been to a lot of CHART conferences over the years. And in that time, I've accumulated quite the collection of CHART beverageware. From glasses to mugs to bottles and even a flask, after 19 years of conferences, it doesn't much matter what libation I want to consume-CHART has me covered with an appropriate drinking vessel. Each has its own purpose for quenching my various thirst needs, and I love the diversity.

Monique's CHART Drinkware Collection

I like to think the same is true about CHART content. It doesn't matter what stage you're at in your career or what your specific training need or challenge is—CHART has you covered. With competency workshops that encompass the full range of experience from new trainers to seasoned executives, an ever-rotating lineup of conference breakout sessions, member biogs, articles, webinars, Training High 5, Hospitality Training Magazine, Ask My Peers, our partners and Resource Gallery vendors, and the Online Trainer Toolbox with recommended apps and icebreakers, there truly is something for everyone.

If you haven't been to the CHART website lately, I challenge you to go explore all that's available to you and quench your thirst for information.

Check out the upcoming webinars and Regional Training Forums. Visit Ask My Peers to ask and answer questions. Dig into the archives of Training High 5, Hospitality Training Magazine, member biogs, and past recorded webinars to rediscover gems that never get stale.
While you're at it, raise a glass (maybe even a CHART stemless wine glass) to toast the members who came before you, adding their expertise and thought leadership to our growing library of resources. And consider making your own lasting mark on CHART's future by contributing a blog or a webinar or an Ask My Peers response or otherwise continuing CHART's legacy of sharing in whatever way makes sense for you.


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