[Interview] Lindsey Moon Adapts—Even if That Means Holding Training in a Parking Lot

May 04, 2022 | 61 Views

[Interview] Lindsey Moon Adapts—Even if That Means Holding Training in a Parking Lot

Lindsey Moon

Director of Organizational Development | The HUB

Member Spotlight on Success: Lindsey Moon Lindsey Moon

We couldn’t wait to talk to Lindsey about her thoughts on hospitality training, and why she once led a training session in a parking lot! Lindsey recently completed CHART's Hospitality Training Competencies Certificate Program. Congratulations!

Interview: Lindsey Moon, Director of Organizational Development, The HUB

What is one training myth you'd like to bust, and why?
I enjoy busting the myth, “eLearning is a babysitter.” When designed right, eLearning can deliver results that even on-the-job training can’t execute.

What is your most cringe-worthy training moment/story?
I was leading New Store Opening (NSO) training for a concept that had hired 135 team members. One hour into the first day of training, the Fire Marshall showed up and kicked everyone out of the building. We had to improvise in the parking lot and hiring trailer. We pulled it off, quite well actually, but I’d still chalk it up as a cringe-worthy moment!

When did you first encounter CHART?
I was invited to a Regional Training Forum in Dallas. I remember leaving feeling a sense of belonging… finally there was a group of people that were just as crazy for training as I was! It was also my first time meeting Matthew Brown in person. If you’re looking for an LMS, I highly suggest Schoox!

Matthew Brown and Lindsey Moon
What has been the best moment in your training career so far?
I unfortunately lost my job as Director of L&D for a dine-in cinema and brewery concept due to Covid, and it absolutely broke my heart. Was one of the worst days of my life really. Fast forward and I received a call from my former boss at that same concept, asking if I’d be interested in coming on board with him for The HUB. That moment proved my hard work had paid off. My passion for people and company culture had won!

What is the one skill you use regularly that you learned through the Hospitality Training Competencies program? 
Instructional Design! The suite of tools provided by Articulate 360 has saved me a ton of time. I’m by no means an expert, but my skills have improved and that’s because of what I have learned through CHART.

What would you have missed if you had never known CHART?
CHART has introduced me to several all-star trainers. I couldn’t imagine journeying this industry without them!

What advice do you have for a new trainer?
Get yourself used to asking open-ended questions now! They keep the conversation flowing and give you insight into what areas of excellence and opportunity your trainee has.

What is your favorite piece of CHART swag?
Honestly, I love my lanyard. Collecting the pins, sporting the ribbons, carrying business cards, learning names… it’s a must-have when attending CHART!

Lindsey Moon's Lanyard from Atlanta Conference



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