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Virtual Training Forums (VTFs)

CHART Member virtual roundtable best practice sharing meetings. These forums give members an opportunity to talk informally with other hospitality trainers to share problems we are adressing in this fast changing environment and help each other find solutions together.

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CHART Webinars

Free webinars open to all on substantive topics crucial to hospitality trainers, such as technology, leadership, culture, talent management, and trands in hospitality.

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On-Demand Coronavirus Webinars

National and State Restaurant Associations

Coronavirus Resources: Labor and Employment Law Challenges and Obligations Facing Employers - Hosted by the National Restaurant Association Restaurant Law Center

Curbside for Full Service Restaurants - Hosted by the Texas Restaurant Association

Coronavirus: Industry Readiness and Response - Hosted by the National Restaurant Association and ServSafe

Preparing for the Coronavirus: Steps for Restaurant Readiness - Hosted by ServSafe

Cultural Intelligence for Restaurant Managers During COVID-19: A Virtual Roundtable  - Hosted by the Multicultural Foodservice & Hospitality Alliance (MFHA)


CHART Partners

Remote Engagement - Where Do We Go From Here? - Hosted by Viatech multiple times through April and May

Other Informational Webinars

Goldman Sachs State of Restaurant & Retail Industries - Posted April 8, 2020
Goldman Sachs State of Travel & Leisure Industries - Posted April 16, 2020


EDUCATIONAL Courses - FREE Online training

DiscoverLink COVID-19 Microlearning Courses - FREE through September 30

DiscoverLink has compiled a set of best practices from its clients for dealing with the unique situation COVID-19 has presented. Three microlearning courses, Restaurant Safety, Hotel Safety, and Carryout and Curbside Best Practices, are available for free through September 30, 2020.

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DiscoverLink AGM to GM Development Program - FREE Access for 3 Months

DiscoverLink is offering three months of its AGM to GM program for free, so you can focus on leadership development while business is slow. You’ll get unlimited use of this 8-competency, 20-course program on your learning management system or ours. Upon request, DiscoverLink experts will even customize the exams and experiential activities that come with the program to reflect your practices.

Access DiscoverLink Free Program here.

Goldman Sachs 1000 Women Course (Added 4-23-20)

A collection of 10 courses which provide a practical business education – strengthening your business knowledge, skills and plans for growth. The courses are suitable for any entrepreneur looking to take their business to the next level.

This collection of courses covers a full range of topics from the fundamentals of finance and marketing, to leadership style, funding, and negotiations.

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Discounts and Free Partner Offerings

Deferred Fees on DiscoverLink Talent - For new clients who sign up for DiscoverLink Talent by July 31, 2020, we’ll defer the implementation fees until 2021. Once you’re set up, we’ll invoice you monthly for LMS and content subscription fees through the remainder of 2020, so you’ll only pay for what you need as you ramp up operations again. It’s never been easier to get started with e-learning!  Request a demo of DiscoverLink Talent here:


LinkedIn Learning:


Resource Links

The National Restaurant Association's COVID-19 webpage (and daily COVID-19 Update e-newsletter signup) is an excellent place to find the most up-to-date information. 

The American Hotel & Lodging Association's COVID-19 webpage details the Hotels for Hope initiative and legislative and regulatory updates.

CHART’s 10 Steps Hospitality Trainers Can Help Combat Coronavirus COVID-19 (PDF)


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