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Jack in the Box Delivers a Learning Feast with Digital, On-brand Employee Training

Natalie Trzcinski, Director, Menu Process, Training & Integration, Jack in the Box
Jeff Carr, CEO, Inkling

July 21, 2021

For the past twenty years, quick-service restaurant chain Jack in the Box has faced multiple challenges with its homegrown learning solution. Not only was creating, updating, and distributing content a slow and arduous process, but no method existed to view specific training course progress by distributed employees at its predominantly franchised restaurants. By implementing Inkling in June 2020, Jack in the Box now delivers training and reference materials from a single digital location and benefits from speed, brand consistency, and analytics.

View this webinar to learn how Jack in the Box achieved:

  • 100% adoption across its 2,240 U.S. locations by providing a single digital source of truth for training and reference, accessible on any device
  • A complete rebranding of all training, now called Jenius (Genius with a J), which delivers consistency and creativity in frontline learning and communication
  • Savings on critical training, such as harassment courses, which no longer need to take place as outside seminars that are 10x the cost

E-learning Course Strategy & Design

James Lee | Manager of Multimedia Design | Del Taco Restaurants

Hospitality Training LIVE Mini Con Breakout
June 22, 2021

You will learn the conceptual processes of creating an e-learning course from gathering the initial materials through the creation of an e-learning course.

During our time together, you will learn how to:

  •     Determine information and collect what's important for the field
  •     Produce, design, and create necessary training assets, such as instructional videos, job aids, and handouts
  •     Create the e-learning course from building the structure, through publishing, to the field