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Learn from previous CHART webinars. Our webinars cover a variety of topics related to the hospitality industry and provide you with building blocks to improve your training skill set. Don’t forget to check out our upcoming webinars, to attend and participate in those live events.

Managing in Times of Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity (VUCA)

Kim Carson, training manager, rosen hotels & resorts

February 16, 2022

New and nimble skills are needed to lead during times of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (VUCA). In today's connected workforce, change is fast-paced, constant, and unpredictable. We are asked to do a lot with little resources, and teamwork has become quite complex. While it's not easy to create high-performing, resilient teams, it is possible with work, dedication, focus, and energy. This session will help you manage teams in the VUCA age by being aware of the challenges created by ever-changing circumstances, avoiding outdated approaches to teamwork, and embracing a path to action. You will approach your role as a leader with a new level of confidence about how to turn instability into opportunities and success!

Labor Market Outlook from Indeed - Chicago RTF

Nate Wigert | Senior Recruitment Evangelist, Employer Insights Team | Indeed

December 7, 2021
Chicago Regional Training Forum

A deep understanding of labor market data can help you evolve and enhance your recruiting strategy. In this discussion, we will illustrate the recruitment market conditions, including candidate interest, availability, as well as the impacts and recovery from the COVID pandemic. We will end the conversation by sharing some available tactics to utilize in this constrained recruitment market.

15 Tips for Virtual Presentation Skills

Braxton Luzier, Senior Manager, Learning and Communications, Blaze Pizza

August 4, 2021

Level up your ability to present effectively by learning 15 instant tips for conducting virtual presentations. In virtual presentations, the participant experience, engagement, and buy-in to the content objectives can suffer. Braxton will teach you how to create a space where your audience is not multitasking, no one tunes you out, and they pay attention and listen, After this webinar, you will be able to set your scene to ensure all technology, lighting, and sound are ready for action. Your credibility and confidence, and participant's attention to you, is what leads your audience to be inspired to act and achieve the desired results!