What’s Next? New Post to Oversee Competencies and Educational Platform

June 02, 2015 | 2299 Views

What’s Next? New Post to Oversee Competencies and Educational Platform

Patrick Yearout, FMP, CHT

Director of Innovation, Recruiting, and Training | Ivar's & Kidd Valley Restaurants

“What’s next?” That’s what Colby Hutchinson of Best Western International asked the other attendees at our CHART T3 conference in Napa earlier this year when receiving his pin for completing all twelve of the sessions in our Hospitality Training Competency Program. Although it was a years-long process for him to participate in the different workshops, Colby was already looking toward the future and wondering about new challenges he could tackle in his quest for lifelong learning. “What’s next” is an important question that we must all consider from time to time, and one especially pertinent to me as I wrap up my year as the President of this amazing organization.

It’s also a question that we on the CHART Board ask about the training workshops themselves. They were originally conceived back in 2004 and development of their content began in 2006, but the world has changed a lot since then – and so have the competencies of hospitality trainers. External events such as the Great Recession and the creation of smartphones and tablets have certainly changed functions of our jobs, and internal changes within our companies have often expanded our duties and allowed us (or sometimes forced us) to take on ever-increasing responsibilities. Additionally, we’ve had three CHART members complete all 12 sessions already and we expect many more to finish up at our next several T3 conferences, so our core lineup of winter educational tracks is going to be sought out by a dwindling number of returning attendees as the years go by.

Due to these circumstances, we know that our Hospitality Training Competencies simply cannot remain a set of static courses. They must strategically evolve and expand with our membership, our industries, and the world at large, and they will never truly be “complete.” It is therefore our duty as the guardians of this program to ensure a deliberate and detailed plan is developed to keep the sessions contemporary and meaningful for future attendees, and so we have decided to create a new position – an Education Strategist – to coordinate this process. The Education Strategist will be a non-voting post appointed to a two-year term by the current board members, and he or she will work with the other board members, our Association Management, and a hand-picked committee to:

The secondary responsibility of the Education Strategist will include overseeing the progression of CHART’s educational platform, collaborating with the CHART President and our Association Management to:

The board will be selecting a person to take on the role of Education Strategist just after our 90th Hospitality Training Conference in New Orleans this summer, and preferred candidates will be CHART members who have already taken a majority of the sessions and have a background in instructional design. Anyone interested in being considered should contact me at patrick@keepclam.com or our Executive Director, Tara Davey, at tara@chart.org.

Is this Education Strategist position what’s next for you?  If not, what new challenges are you seeking?

This article originally appeared in the June 2015 issue of FlipCHART.

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