Knowledge is Power; Share it

June 05, 2014 | 2082 Views

Knowledge is Power; Share it

Calvin Banks, CHT

Vice President of Training and Development | Benchmark, A Global Hospitality Company

“Knowledge has to be improved, challenged, and increased constantly, or it vanishes.” – Peter Drucker

This power statement by Peter Drucker, considered the father of modern management, is not only true for individuals, but also true for organizations such as CHART.  CHART is excited to partner with TDn2K, to conduct the 2014 Trends in Hospitality Training and Development study. This study will allow members, learning professionals and business leaders in restaurant and lodging companies the ability to benchmark their company to the latest training trends in areas such as budgets, delivery methods, content focus, and so on.  In other words, this is an opportunity for us to increase our knowledge as individuals, organizations, and as an association.

In order to obtain insightful and actionable information, we need 100% participation from each member company. As members, we can only get out of this survey what we put in.

Last year’s survey, presented at the Miami conference, revealed that most training teams felt like they were being asked to do more with less including a greater focus on being a “consultant” and business partner. I was able to use this information, among other findings, to restructure my training team and gain additional support to meet the needs of the organization.

Soon you will receive instructions on how to submit your data. I urge you to participate and make this information valid. The hot-off-the-press findings will be presented at the Atlanta conference.  I am anxious to see what information will be discovered with this year’s survey and how it will help us move our businesses forward.

Thank you in advance for sharing your time, information, and for being an active member of CHART.

If you are interested in more information or would like to participate in the survey but are not a current CHART member, please contact Victor Fernandez at  More details are also included in our press release at:

This blog originally appeared as part of PresidentTalks in our June FlipCHART issue.

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