PRESIDENTalks: Grow Yourself, Grow Others

February 05, 2014 | 469 Views

PRESIDENTalks: Grow Yourself, Grow Others

Calvin Banks, CHT

Vice President of Training and Development | Benchmark, A Global Hospitality Company

Recently, I invited FranklinCovey to The BROADMOOR to facilitate a workshop titled Leadership: Great Leaders, Great Teams, Great Results. During this workshop managers learned about four Imperatives of Great Leaders:

As we covered the objectives throughout the 3 day class, I began to think how CHART helps its members become Great Leaders to create Great Teams in order to deliver Great Results for their respective organizations. My thoughts centered on 2 of the imperatives ‘Clarify Purpose’ and ‘Unleash Talent’.

Clarify Purpose – FranklinCovey describes ‘Clarify Purpose’ as the ability to think strategically, to know the business, communicate vision and strategy, and create consensus among others. As members of CHART, we have great occasions to network with industry peers through our conferences, Live Ask My Peers, Regional Training Forums, and Ask My Peers online. During these opportunities, ensure you are not only receiving information that will help clarify your purpose, but also share in order to help others who need your expertise. Creating a strategy and knowing the job your customers are paying you to do is vital to the purpose of your team.

Unleash Talent – FranklinCovey describes ‘Unleash Talent’ as the ability to get motivated, engage employees, manage performance, and develop people. Again, CHART offers a variety of ways to unleash your talent. The simplest form of unleashing talent is through Ask My Peers, both online and live. As I mentioned before, having the opportunity to share insights not only develops you but helps and grow others who are participating in the discussions.

Volunteering to become a Conference Director or a Regional Training Forum Director is another great way to unleash talent. In these roles, members grow their leadership, creative thinking, budgeting, and organization skills to name a few. CHART members can also present a session at a conference. What better way to improve your presentation skills than to stand in front of your peers and speak. These volunteer opportunities, among others, are a great way for you to unleash your talent with the organization. Visit our website for a listing and description of many of our volunteer roles.

As the T3 Conference approaches, think about how you can best use your time to clarify purpose for you and your team and unleash, not only your talent, but those you support.

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