If I Ruled the World - Part 2

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If I Ruled the World - Part 2

John Isbell

Director of Learning & Development | Portillos Hotdogs, Inc.

About a year and a half ago I attended People Report’s Brand Camp and was asked what I would do if I ruled the world.  The idea was so thought provoking that I wrote a blog about it . Well, the good news is – part 1 was so well-received that it’s been read by almost 4,000 people.  The bad news is that I’ve been getting a lot of requests to write a part 2 so now I have to actually be creative and write it!  I’ve finally stopped putting it off and here are my additional ideas I’d put in place if I ruled the world.  (Author’s note – all of the rules from part 1 still remain except I’m also banishing the original Dance Mom’s.  It’s just too much now.)

  1. Lists will be outlawed (ironic isn’t it?).
  2. Work weeks shall not be shortened but if you work any type of desk job you can work wherever you want and whatever hours you want as long as you get your work done.  Technology is too good today for this not to be in effect already.
  3. Nice is the new norm.  We’ve become too cynical – let’s start rewarding nice.
  4. Every employee will get the training they deserve.  And when companies start hitting hard times – they will realize that’s when they need to invest more in training, not less.
  5. The IRS will be disbanded.  You’re welcome…
  6. “Skinny jeans look good on men” says no one, ever.  Banished!
  7. Elementary Schools will be K-6, Middle schools will be 7-9, and high schools 10-12.  It’s just common sense people!  6th graders are too young for middle school and 9th graders are too young for high schools.  We constantly say they are growing up too fast then we put them in situations where they have to grow up fast or be socially ridiculed!
  8. Anyone caught taking a selfie for any reason other than some form of emergency will be made to go without social media for 30 days.  2nd offense is 1 year.  And for the love of all things good please stop making duck faces.  They are not attractive!  At all…
  9. Colleges make millions off of student athletes.  And yes they get their education for free but many can’t make any extra money (above board anyway and not without high risk).  Why not let them get paid for endorsement deals?  If they are good enough to make money outside of the college then let them make it.
  10. “Because I said so…” would actually be a reasonable phrase to kids.  Sometimes parents just don’t want to share their reason!
  11. Is there any more useless piece of cloth in the work place than the tie?  I mean seriously – what does it do other than choke off some oxygen and constantly get in your way?  Banished!
  12. I think the days of the golden parachute should be over for CEO’s.  Maybe they would make better decisions and be more people-focused if they had the same threat of losing their jobs and means of providing for their families as everyone else does in the organization.  (**Note – I know some phenomenal CEO’s so don’t take this personally – it’s just a new general rule of mine).  
  13. More small business opportunities and better incentives and tax breaks for American born companies (although tax breaks wouldn’t matter if I got rid of the IRS right away – which I would.  So again, you’re welcome).   
  14. I would strike the use of the word “extreme” from any more television shows.  Do we really need “extreme couponing”?  “Extreme cheap skates”?  What’s next – “Extreme Stuffed Animal Collections, only on Bravo”?
  15. Two words – Casual Mondays.
  16. Let’s catch up to our European brothers and sisters and have every server in a restaurant carry a portable device to take care of our checks right at the table instead of taking our credit cards to who knows where and taking forever to bring them back.
  17. Speaking of Europe – let’s work in their traditions of taking a sabbatical to recharge our batteries or accomplish something like writing a book, research, etc.
  18. Let’s fire all politicians and start over with people who have never held any kind of office a day in their lives.  Rather let’s have successful, influential, and benevolent business leaders with track records of success run the country but only with consensus votes from their constituents for each decision.  Yes – a government ACTUALLY for the people and run by the people!  Now we’re just talking crazy talk aren’t we?!?!?!
  19. Re-introduce the idea of freedom of speech.  You say what you want and they can respond however they want.  Get it off your chest!  But be prepared for the consequences of their response.
  20. Ice cream will be a food group.  Do I really have to explain that one?

That’s it for now – I’m sure I have many more and look forward to hearing back from you!

Thanks for reading…

John Isbell

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