Cheers to 50 Years!

CHART's 50th Anniversary Celebration!

Where a legendary yesterday meets a brilliant tomorrow!

Wednesday, July 29 4:00 - 4:45 pm EST

We wanted a memorable 50th year, and we got it!
We took the best celebratory components from our summer conference awards gala and made them virtual so we can all join together to cheer CHART’s 50th year.

Here is what happened on July 29:

Member Milestones

Forty stellar individuals were recognized for their milestone years as CHART members.

Training High 5

We shared the most innovative, creative, and just fun training-related ideas we have seen in the recent months.

Scholarship Winners

One of the best and most rewarding parts of any CHART summer conference is hearing from our scholarship winners. These rising stars continue to amaze and move us with their passion and determination. Once again, we partnered with the NRAEF and AHLEI to award two college scholarships to deserving students. It is always a joy to meet the next generation of hospitality!

Anniversary Toast

Though we are apart geographically, we came together as a community to raise a glass to 50 years of impact and influence as THE premier hospitality training organization. CHART President Serah Morrissey led us in a toast as we celebrate our legendary yesterday, and our hope for a brilliant tomorrow, full of opportunity, promise, and leadership for hospitality trainers.


CHART 50th Anniversary

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